The Cegos Asia Pacific Survey | The Huge Potential of China


The Huge Potential of China

  • An explosion in training and development provision has arrived. A huge 62% of employees having received training over the past 12 months, compared to less than 50% as recent as 2010.
  • Other stand-out figures for China include the fact that more people in China are using training to develop their business skills (18%) and management skills (17%).
  • While technology take-up in training delivery is relatively low in the survey, the overall Asia Pacific trend of the move from social usage to business and learning applications, indicates China has huge potential and that e-learning, mobile learning and blended learning will rapidly increase over the next few years.
  • The potential? China today has one of the highest mobile phone and tablet penetration in the world, 513 million internet users as of January 2012 (Source: Kenexa) as well as the highest usage of social media. Imagine if all these tools were used to learn?
  • There is a massive leap in training provision for China, and organisations and training providers need to be ready with the right tools, in the right places, with the right people.
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